Ramakrishna Mission’s contribution to humanity

Chhapra (H.K. Verma): Ramkrishna Mission Ashram with its headquarters and a different branch centres, including one at Chhapra, has achieved excellence in different fields of service during 2017-18. Chhapra Ashram alone has provided tutorial education, distributed study materials, daily Tiffin, milk, school uniforms to about 1,182 children of poor families enrolled in Latu Maharaj Pathshalas located in its premises and in rural areas.

Disclosing this Swami Atidevanand ,Secretary of Chhapra Ashram said on Monday that some of the important achievements of the Mission include Pandit Deendayal Rashtriya Krishi Vigyan Protsahan Purashkar to Divyayan Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Ranchi Morabadi Ashram at National level by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Listing of Ramkrishna Math and Ramkrishna Mission in the World Book of Records (London) and many more awards to our schools and Colleges.

Swami Ji further informed that the College of Education at Coimbatore has been awarded A++ grade while Vivekananda College Chennai Vidyapeeth has secured A+ grade. “The Vivekananda Centenary College at Rahara has been declared autonomous by the UGC for six years” adding that Vishakhapatnam centre has started Vivek Institute of Excellence with introducing life –enhancing courses and programmes for the youths.

Chhapra centre alone has treated 37,176 patients through Allopathy system (including Cataract operation of 1,931 patients), 2,878 through Homoeopathy and 3,171 patients through Ayurvedic system at its OPD (Out Patient Department) with the help of eminent local Doctors. Chhapra Ashram has also distributed winter and distress relief clothes and study materials to students including running a Library with reading room for students, said. He mentioned that 72.74 people have been given medical aid through 10 hospitals,80 dispensaries,40 mobile medical units and 928 Medical camps by spending Rs.227 crore. Likewise, Rs.324 crore has been spent on different educational work during this year. The Mission has spent Rs.71 crore on rural and tribal development benefitting 42.86 lakh of people, he said.

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