Software Language Plays important Role in Theoretical Physics: Dr. Sharma

Software Language Plays important Role in Theoretical Physics: Dr. Sharma

Chhapra (H.K.Verma): With the help of IIT Kanpur altogether 700 students along with forty Assistant Professors of Chhapra based Lok Nayak  Jay Prakash Institute of Technology (LNJPIT) were provided software training between July 8-20 on its premises.

While talking to this Correspondent Prof. Sudhir Kumar Pandey, Program Coordinator said on Friday that during six week marathon software training schedule the participants were professionally trained up in different  Computer languages like machine learning, MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) Python, Android, Jawa, cyber security, C &C++(High Level Programming language), Ansys etc. Expressing his gratitude towards the Principal Prof. Sreenarain Sharma for his untiring efforts in getting this proposal approved by the Department of Science and technology (DST), Government of Bihar, Prof. Pandey recalled the statement by Sanjeev Kumar, IAS, Director of the DST  during online  review meeting,  and  said that the director stressed the necessity of such training saying “The conventional engineering education needs to be reinforced  by incorporating the essence of software skills along with hardware implementation so that the graduating engineering students be able  to excel in accordance with the highly competitive global and industrial requirements.

 During the valedictory function, the Principal Prof. Sharma expressed his gratitude to IIT, Kanpur and members of the Coordination Committee for imparting such wonderful training to the students of this Institute. He said

“In most of the cases it becomes impossible to get the analytical solution of a real world complex in physical and engineering systems, in such a situation we resort to statistical and numerical methods which need severe calculations overloads. But the computer programming based approach paves the way for handling such numerical complexes”.

The Principal further said that during COVID lockdown period, this institute has been organizing online academic sessions for the benefits of the academic and research community. He also encouraged the members of the Coordination Committee for their relentless efforts in organizing this program.

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