Seminar organized in the context of the vision of developed India

Seminar organized in the context of the vision of developed India

Chhapra:  English Department together organized a one-day seminar on ‘vision of Developed India’. The seminar discussed the relevance of India’s prosperity and prosperity, sharing new perspectives towards prosperity. Scholars, educators, and students gathered to delve into insightful discussions on various aspects shaping the educational landscape.

Some research students of English department presented their research papers which included Md. Raiyan Ali, Ashutosh Atul, Mohita Sharma, Pammi Kumari, Kudrat Ali, Neha Gaurav, Dheeraj Kumar Pandey, Shruti Rupam, Nabi Ahmed, Tara Kumari, Nisha Singh, Anmita Mishra, Qadir Hussain, Kajal Kumari, Prem Kumar, Krishika Mungia, Shahzad Alam and Anant Shivan were included.

Keynote speaker Gajendra Kumar said, “This seminar will provide a platform to share new and emerging principles among the students, which can lead to a positive step towards a strong and secure future of India.”

Professor Kumar Moti Sir, Chairman of the Seminar and Head of the Department of English, said, “In the context of the vision of India, organizing a one day seminar is an important step which can contribute significantly towards the main direction of development and prosperity of the nation. The event has been organized not only at the national level but also at the international level, creating an environment of positive and expert dialogue among experts, academicians, and political leaders.”

As the seminar concluded, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to implementing the insights gained into their academic and professional endeavors, further propelling the journey towards a brighter and more developed India.



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