The lock down has opened the door for simple marriages

The lock down has opened the door for simple marriages

Chhapra (H.K.Verma): The recent lock down to save human lives from the clutch of Covid-19 has brought problems before those who had settled marriages of their sons or daughters. This has also spoiled the business of several other associated persons like band Party owners, flower business, automobile show rooms and even those waiting for making money by giving their vehicles on hire during this season.

In spite of all these hurdles few marriages are being solemnized either in temples or with less number of guests forgetting the opportunity to show their status.

However, in Lock down 4 marriages have been allowed to be solemnized limiting the number of guests up to 50 only.

The situation has reminded people of the emergency period which was promulgated in the country during 1975-77, when marriage functions were made simple with few guests. However, there are people who have liked this scenario to save unnecessary expenditure over marriages just to show their status.

This situation has prompted some of the people to act on the common saying “Chat Mangni, Pat Vivaah”( Performing marriage just after engagement). Following this ideal, on Sunday a groom from village Saidpur under Dighwara block tied the holy wedlock with bride of Maker (both residents of Saran district) in famous Devi temple at Aami.. Such marriages have been reported from other parts of the district also in past few days. Several persons have said that simple marriages have become necessity of the time and if this is adopted by people with resources, others may follow this system without any hesitation and social stigma. Some have expressed apprehension that many persons would face unemployment as they are dependent on the marriage season for their lively hood such as Band owners, Tent houses, flower shop owners, dancers and many others. It would save lives of several innocent girls who are forced to commit suicide either before or after marriages every year due to dowry effect.

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